Monday, January 4, 2010

Playoff Picks, Wild Cards.

It's playoff time.

I'll start with the AFC Wild Cards.
I'm going to pick Baltimore over New England. There isn't much to say about this game, I think it will be a good battle though. Tom Brady is playing injured, and the Ravens D-Line will be after him all. day. long. And Wes Welker is out, leaving Randy Moss by his lonesome. Nevertheless, it will be a great game to see.

Cincinnati over the J-E-T-S Jets! Jets! Jets! Despite Sunday night's loss 37-0 to the Jets, the Bengals instill a little more fear into the remaining AFC teams than New York does. Cincinnati has been such a surprising team this season, and have a lot emotionally invested into this year's playoffs. I really think they will get their ducks in a row and slap the Jets back to NY. Stat wise, comparing the two; NYJ is seemingly better, but come on. Does this pretty boy honestly scare you?

Uh... Definitely Hollywood Joe #2.

On to the NFC!

I'm going to pick Dallas over Philadelphia. The Cowboys are on fire, and they're very scary. They finished the regular season with a bang, and are rolling into the playoffs with a lot of momentum. I think so long as McNabb is shut down, the Eagles will have been defeated 3 times this year by the Boys.


And finally, I am picking Green Bay over Arizona. Aaron Rodgers has become a really great QB this season. Green Bay is just an all around better team than Arizona. Also, Id love to see the Vikings get another chance to slap those cheeseheads again. ;) (I know, I talk a lot of trash.) But honestly, no one should put the Pack on the back burner, they have too much quiet talent.

Happy Playoffs, ya'll!


  1. Let's go Jets! And thanks for stopping by the site.

    I like your blog, so I signed on as a follower. I hope you'll feel like doing the same.

  2. ok word on most of this. except i hate dallas forever and will never admit their superiority.
    VERY funny sanchez pic... i had NO idea! lol i have my suspicions about romo too... got an dirt there? ;)
    i'm always sad to say goodbye to another football season... and i'll miss your witty football posts now too.

  3. actually i would love to see cinci do something...and i cant stand the ravens...i like dallas over philly too...nice.

  4. Yes! The Bengals over the Jets, regardless of this weeks shameful loss =(

    WHo is your pick to win it all????

  5. @eQ My real and honest answer is the Vikings, but that is extremely biased because Im a Minnesota fan. Otherwise, Id pick San Diego.

    @brian The Bengals sure have been something this year, right? Id say I can't stand the Saints, but it's the fans I really can't stand, not the team.

    @sondra I'm sure with an hour of alone time with google, I can probably find a compromising photo of Romo... but he's not worth a whole hour of my time.

    @nickie No, no.. Let's go VIKINGS!