Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I swear, penis is not all I care about.

This past weekend I went to The Cop's house. We watched a movie, had sex, then watched another movie, which vaguely reminds me of high school except neither one of us was stoned. Aside from the ridiculous Vin Diesel movie we mutually thought would be a good idea, it was nice. The sex and the comfortable quietness was refreshing. I think we're past the awkward getting-to-know-you stage, so boring each other with useless tidbits about our childhoods wasn't a requirement. We ended the night with a kiss, and him telling me he hopes to see me again soon. Yay me!

I also met Navy Dude. A first date, if there will be one, hasn't been established though. We'll see. He's a little goofy, and really, really nice. Like charities and violently cutting people off on the road so he can pull over and help the old lady bring her groceries into her house nice. Totally not a type Ive been into before, but why not? Beggars can't be choosers now can they?

That sounded horribly desperate and "I don't care as long as they have a dick" of me. Really it's more like... I don't care as long as they have a dick and somewhat of a personality. I'm kidding, for the most part. I promised myself Id be good to myself from now on. I deserve more than a personality with a nice sized cock, but I kind of feel like that's all I need right now. I won't fight a nice connection, but I'm young and I have too much on my plate that I can hardly handle. Worrying about men should be and is on the bottom of my list. Fun is all it is, and fun is all it will be for now.

I feel better.

Kind of. Maybe.


  1. I think that is more than fair. Just have fun. Enjoy yourself and your company. And dick. Also, left you a little something at my blog. Go Packers :)

  2. ...its pretty much all i care about. lol.

  3. I like a nice sized cock with a decent personality. The actual guy attached to said cock can be a completely moron, but his penis, his penis definitely needs to have a decent personality.