Monday, January 18, 2010

My computer is still gone. :(

Notable things that happened over the weekend:

My dad left. Friday, he took off back to New York. It was weird going home after work on Friday with him not being there in my apartment. I had gotten so used to him here, him bringing me home candy from the store, just like when I was a kid... Him paying my cable bill, you know; meaningful shit. It's only been a few days and I honestly really miss him. I always think it's harder for the person who is being left than it is for the person who is leaving. He left at such a horrible time too...

Why, you ask?

Because I live in New Orleans. And who is coming to New Orleans?

THE VIKINGS BABY! Was anyone else happy about the perpetual ass beating we handed Dallas? I mean, our defense... My oh my.

I say "our" and "we" like I'm part of the Vikings franchise. Although I should be, I'm like an obsessed Nsync fan only it's the Vikings. I'm desperately trying to find tickets to the Superdome that aren't ridiculously expensive, and I am having no luck. Ole dude tried selling me two tickets in section 606 for $500. WHAT? Hell naw, homey.

But you can bet I'll be there tailgating. I'll even take pictures. Not of myself though, I like to remain a mystery.

Honestly? The Vikings victory and my dad moving back home were the only notable things that happened. Because my life is in shambles and nothing great happens to me. Not that my dad moving home was great, but I thought it was a good way to bring up the Vikings. Because I SUCK.


  1. congrats on the Viking win! enjoy tailgating..when we lived in Tampa, we went the year they won the superbowl. amazing fun!

    wish your dad well...and life gets better. smiles.

  2. I say "our" and "we" like I'm part of the Vikings franchise.

    that is awesome. i realized last year that i do that too. i started trying not to because i thought it might be the first sign of obsession. but if obsession looks this good on you, maybe it'll look good on me too. so i think i'll keep doing it anyway. thank you.