Monday, December 14, 2009


Santa, aka my debit card, has been working diligently to make this Christmas a merry one. I have a 2 1/2 year old son, but no significant other, and because I only have one person to buy major gifts for, I'm only half scroogin' it this year. But I still think to myself "he BETTER play with this" every time I swipe the card.

I now know what my mom meant because of when she caught me butting cigarettes out in the battery pack of the Furby she bought me 4 years earlier. I had no ashtray, okay? It was my fault though. I was the one who was leaving her threatening notes about what Id better find under the Christmas tree that year in her weed paraphernalia drawer.

So I shopped tactfully this year. Normally, things I purchase for him either end up in his pants or the toilet.

Id like to see you stick this art easel in your diaper, little guy.


  1. Easel in the pants, paintbrush in the ass... this is how my cousin lives his life...if one can call that living...I DO!!

  2. thanks for the comment on my blog. i totally need to rethink letting this kid on the furniture now too!
    do i know you? or were you blog surfing and finally stumbled on one in english? ;)

  3. Mine are 9 and 11, and I finally think I've managed to crank it down to "reasonable" this year. The Spouse gets the "Ho! Ho! Ho!" every year at the last minute, and wants to get them MORE, but most of that gets ignored. More and more I am focusing on things we can DO, too. Makin' memories, as my goofball brother likes to say.

    What makes me really blow my stack is when I work really hard on what I think will be some kid-friendly delicious meal and they look at it and go, "Meh." Aaargh!

  4. Ya got it love it when kids unwrap the big expensive gifts and then end up playing with the box it came in more. Happy Holidays from!

  5. i'm with ale3oneboy, my son would rather play with the box. in the box. tear up the box. then with the toy half the time. but the look on his face when he sees the toys Christmas morning is worth it.