Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Week 15 Picks

Because what is honestly more important than football? Nothing, that's what. We may not have a paycheck, our sanity, or a pot to piss in, but we have football. So who gives a damn?

My picks are in bold. Note the New Orleans game. I've decided to wire the entire state of Louisiana to a loud speaker which will play the Price is Right loser music over and over when the Saints finally lose. And as much as I strongly feel the urge to vomit every time I see Tony Romo's face, as a Vikings fan, I need the Saints to lose. Plus, I'm tired of the the "Ho Ho Ho! 13-0" and "Geaux Saints!" signs flashing in my fucking face everywhere I look.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville
Dallas @ New Orleans (I'm hopeful, okay?)
New England @ Buffalo
San Fransisco @ Philadelphia
Miami @ Tennessee
Houston @ St. Louis
Atlanta @ NY Jets
Chicago @ Baltimore
Cleveland @ Kansas City (Snooze fest.)
Arizona @ Detroit (No, this is the snooze fest.)
Cincinnati @ San Diego
Oakland @ Denver
Tampa Bay @ Seattle
Green Bay @ Pittsburgh
Minnesota @ Carolina
NY Giants @ Washington

1 comment:

  1. Hmmm, I'm with you on Dallas, though I don't think they'll pull it out. I'm sick of New Orleans and I don't even live there. I do have to disagree with you on Pittsburgh over my Packers though. I think we win this game. And I have to say, GO CAROLINA and BALTIMORE!!! I especially need McGahee to do well to help me make it to the fantasy football finals.