Thursday, December 17, 2009

Four. (Serial Dating)

I've been single for about a year now, and I've gone on a few dates. And by a few, I mean 8 or 9. I'm not lonely. I started dating because I thought it would be fun, instead I want to cry.

You see, I am young, fun, and Id like to think I am a sexy bitch. But I have some baggage. I am divorced and I have a 2 year old, it's more cargo than it is baggage, but I digress. It's hard keeping men around when you're all "Oh by the way, I am 21 and I have a two year old." So many times I've had a serious connection with someone, and as soon as I mention my kid, they are immediately dry humping some chick on the other side of the room. Understandable.

Men my age aren't really men, in my opinion. Not yet at least. There isn't anything wrong with that, as some women my age aren't really women yet. (I say only some because, well, come on. Women are much more mature and vaginas are prettier than dicks, so we win.) Honestly, if it weren't for my son, Id be right out there with them. Carefree for the most part, enjoying my early twenties. Even if I were to find a guy my age who has a child, chances are (especially here in New Orleans) he still hasn't crossed the manhood threshold yet. Id like to think I am an expert on this because I was married to someone who couldn't grasp the fact that it is not okay to sleep with women and stay out all night while you have a wife and infant at home.

So I am going on a date this Friday with an older man. (That sounds funny. No, he's not 83.) He's 16 years my senior, 37. Huge problems could arise from this age difference, but huge problems could arise from anything when it comes to dating. And it is just a date. But I over analyze and freak out over everything. And because he's a sheriff, I will refrain from smoking a joint before the date, how fucking paranoid would I be?!


  1. yea. i hate dating. thing is i feel your pain. i'm divorced with a son. never thought that would be my badge, i'm a little older tho (33). and lets face it having a child and being a man is like having free chicken at the obesity clinic, women are actually attracted to that.

    but to me, it's like if a woman can't see herself with me and involving my child i can't do it. it's really about him at this point. you and your older man, keep in open mind. the age difference might be kinda crazy. i dated a chick almost 10 years younger and the shit we went through was unbearable, due to age and different life experiences. but that's down the line, date have fun. there are men your age that will step up and be men in a situation, just gotta find one.

  2. I went out with a guy who was 14 years older than me. It was pretty normal and wasn't awkward at all except when he would mention a song or movie or something from when he was younger and asked if I saw/heard it, to which my reply was always, "Umm, I was, like 2." But then we would just laugh about it. The relationship didn't work out, but it was more of a distance than an age thing.

    I was 25 when I went out with him and I do think there is a bigger difference between 21 and 25 than 25 and 39. But given your life experiences, I'd say you're not like most 21 year olds. Good luck and keep us posted!

  3. i agree with the other commenters here... it's more about your and his experiences in life so far rather then your age difference. just my two cents...

  4. have fun on your date...if it works a 21 year old...i was no where near ready either as a guy...

  5. ha ya don't smoke weeed! that last remark was funny.

  6. Over analyzing is fun, I wouldn't have stomach ulcers or anything to do half the time if I didn't over analyze everything!