Tuesday, March 23, 2010

You Brettcha!

NFL.com reported that Vikings coach Childress hasn't had a conversation with Brett Favre lately, but they do text each other.

Thank God. Because chances at being a super bowl contender this coming season greatly decreases when text messages aren't exchanged between the head coach and the maybe or maybe not quarterback.

Assuming Favre does come back for one more year, he obviously is going to skip training camp like he did last year and not publicly state he's playing again until after TC has ended.

Here is my question: If you were a member of the Minnesota Vikings team, how would you feel about Favre skipping training camp? Would it not matter to you because he, after all, is Brett Favre and has "earned the right"? Would you be kind of pissed, but for the sake of the Lombardi trophy, bite your tongue? Would you be pissed, period?

This was brought up in a forum about a month ago, and I was kind of shocked by the amount of people who chose the "I would be pissed, end of story" option. Considering his age, his value, and certainly considering the fact that last year (which was also training camp-less) was his best year ever, I wouldn't give a hoot if I didn't see him until 5 minutes before kick-off of the season opener.



  1. eh, not a big fan of special treatment and what it does to the chemistry of a team...

  2. i say even if he's "earned the right" not to participate because of his age or tenure, he should still be there... for the team.

  3. My opinion is....I live in Green Bay and I cannot figure out why we still have to hear about it on our local news every time Brett Favre takes a shit !!!!!

    Thanks for asking.