Friday, March 19, 2010

MIA again, I know. I'm not sure if I even have any readers left, the two which did read. That's okay, I blog for myself anyway. Which means I am blogging to myself about blogging to myself right now. Spectacular.

My last couple posts have been mighty depressing. I think I may have mentioned at some point in one of them about how depressing my posts have been, you'd think Id learn, huh? Well, it's time to turn a new leaf! Turn the frown upside down! AKA be less depressing. It's hard when the depression you suffer from isn't exactly depression. I am suffering from a temporary break from general happiness. It's hard because there is nothing you can really do, it's not clinical, it's not something that can be treated, it's something you have to work on yourself. And when you're feeling like shit 98% of the time, motivation is extremely hard to come by. But I am doing okay, I can't say that I am feeling better, but I can say that I am trying.

I enrolled in an online university, I'll be getting my degree in Communications. I'm hoping it's a stepping stone to possibly attending physical class at an actual campus here in south Louisiana for Broadcast Journalism. (With a concentration in sports media, of course.) Watch out, Pam Oliver, here I come! I start on the 24th, and I am kind of excited. Insurance really sucks, in case you didn't know. I'm telling you, working in insurance is almost as bad as purchasing it. So I've decided to pursue my dream of being a sideline reporter. Or something like that.

I still talk to Mikey. He's supposed to come see me. I don't really know what else to say about it. I'm here, he's there, it's almost impossible and I'm not quite sure how healthy it will be for me to see him again.

I'm cursed to just walk in circles for the remainder of my life.


  1. The remainder of your life is a long time to spend walking around in circles. My guess is that you'll find a new path.

  2. reader #2 life moves in circles at times...until the current pulls us out of the whirlpools...

  3. I think the current is trying to pull me out, Brian. I'm excited for that to happen, I guess I just have to let it happen.

    I think I will too, Gorilla.

  4. ha! look! they're both still reading! i'm generally pretty positive, but i'm experiencing an "eff you world" kinda month. so all i gots is... look for the little victories each day. kudos for enrolling in classes! i had no idea that you work in insurance also. what kind of insurance? thanks for commenting on my blog too. sorry i haven't been responding much. all is well with pregnancy, just fat n sore n so effing tired. i'll get new pics up soon... baby shower this weekend so i'm sure i'll have a few to post from that. hang in there... you'll be back to happy before ya know it.