Monday, January 11, 2010

Post season picks.

2 out of 4 isn't bad.

Okay, it is. Whatever.

Green Bay, oh.... Green Bay. I'm sure that game was lost due to horrible reffing. And don't say it wasn't, anyone with at least one good eye could have seen that offensive pass interference foul made by Arizona's Firzgerald, or the face mask to Aaron Rodgers by Michael Adams. But I digress. I hate the Pack by instinct, as I am a Minnesota fan... But I'm all about playing fair. That wasn't fair.

And how 'bout them COWBOYS? Realistically, the Dallas and Minnesota show down will be tough on my end. I'm certain most professionals have Dallas picked over Minnesota. But I've got Minnesota picked over Dallas. Partly because I'm a Vikings fan, and partly because Favre doesn't want his final season to end like that. It isn't all about Favre either. It's about his weapons. We shall see...

Rice, anyone?

I'm going to pick New Orleans over Arizona. Living in Who Dat nation, I have to say I am completely and utterly sick of the Saints. However, there is a HUGE difference who I think will win, and who I want to win. New Orleans will win, and I foresee a low scoring game.

Baltimore over Indy. Why isn't everyone giving this Raven team more credit? This one was tough for me to pick. I've sat here at my desk at work looking over the statistics for at least 25 minutes (work? what work?). Indianapolis has Baltimore beat all over paper. But, you know... I'm a sucker for upsets.

And although I am a sucker for upsets, this is one upset that just will not happen. I'm picking San Diego over the New York Jets. Honestly, I see San Diego clobbering New York, stomping through the AFC championship, and possibly winning the Super Bowl. They're good.

But what do I know?

HAHA. There are so many things I could say about this. So many.


  1. oh man. my sister-in-law, big GB fan, still can't talk after that game. it makes me laugh. GB is my #2 team, having lived 10 years in WI. but clearly my heart is for houston.

    my hope among hopes is that minnesota will stomp dallas. being somewhat of a GB fan i cannot, in good conscience, be a minnesota fan... you know how it is. ;) but absolutely despise dallas. so there.

    i would also love to see to see baltimore upset indianapolis because, well, why not?

    the others i have no opinion or preference really.

    thanks for the post-season picks post.

  2. lmao just admit Green bay lost. they lost. it was a great game, but they lost.

    and i dunno. maybe im a little bias cause my boy plays for the cardinals but i want to arizona to do to new orleans what new orleans did to atlanta...take their super bowl dreams AWAY..

  3. ug, still hating the ravens and all their fans that keep texting me about the steelers...its college basketball season now, right? smiles.