Monday, December 21, 2009


Week 16 picks.
Julius Peppers is a bad, bad boy.

Last week was horrible and great all in one. (For me, at least.) Horrible: Vikings loss. Great: Saints loss. Also? My picks sucked. This season has proven the truth behind any given Sunday. I can only be thankful Julius Peppers didn't break Favre's bones into pieces. He's still sexy. (What can I say? He's a silver fox.) As the Saints loss really meant nothing to Vikings after Sunday night, it was a personal feat for me. The satisfaction in not seeing a single "Bless You Boys! 14-0!" sign anywhere in the greater New Orleans area sent me into uncontrollable happiness. I even went out and dropped another $180 on Christmas. And the complete and utter ass slapping the Giants handed the Skins? Holy fuck. Was Washington even there? I'm pretty sure it was just Eli and Co. on the field. Enough blabbing, on with my picks.
SD @ Ten
Buf @ ATL
KC @ Cin
Oak @ Cle
Sea @ GB
Bal @ Pit
Hou @ Mia
Car @ NYG
Jac @ NE
STL @ Ari
Det @ SF
Den @ Phi
NYJ @ Ind
Dal @ Was
Min @ Chi


  1. ha! you are so wrong about the Hou/Mia game... but i was SURE this baby i'm carrying was a boy. :/ haha

  2. i really hope pitt comes through against baltimore! amazing finish this week...

  3. yea i was hoping the saints pulled it out for the Falcon's luck with that.