Saturday, December 26, 2009


In June my dad moved from my home state of New York to live with me here in Louisiana. He hit a rough patch in NY. More like an era rather than a patch, but whatever. It took me 2 years to convince him change may work. So for 8 months he's tried his luck here in New Orleans. He landed a fantastic job, he ate foods he's never had, he met crazy Cajuns, and most importantly- saw me and his grandson every day. We agreed to help each other financially, which frankly helped us in more ways than one.

On Christmas he told me he is moving back. Why, I don't know. But he's leaving on January 22nd. I suppose I'm not mad, I had planned to move him out of my apartment and into his own by spring anyway. I just hadn't planned on him moving back north. After I left my ex, my family assumed I was going to move home to New York. But I love New Orleans, I love Louisiana, and I've really grown to love the south. I've never felt more at home as I have here.

I moved out on my own 3 months before he moved to Louisiana. But this is it- my true test. A single 21 year old mother on her own. No help, no extra income. Just me, my son, and these bills. Honestly, I paid all these bills while my dad was here. He just occasionally gave me gas money or took us out to eat, or sometimes surprised me with a kitchen full of groceries.

The thing that gets me is the sudden "Welp, it's been fun, but adios mother fucker!". I'm glad he is doing what he wants, but damn homey. I can't be mad, I really can't. In fact, this will make it easier for me to have, ahem, guests over. Speaking of which, The Cop and I have become pretty fond of each other. Unfortunately, his transmission blew, and my car is in the shop. We live about an hour apart mostly due to traffic, but I am seriously looking forward to seeing him again. Which really means I am looking forward to having sex with him. It's been a while folks, and I really need to get laid.

Getting laid solves everything. Well... No, it solves everything.


  1. Getting laid generally solves everything. I'm looking to get laid myself. And for one day only I will say this: Go Bears.


  2. Your post really struck me. I would stay in Louisiana too. I'm visiting my family in Upstate NY from Austin and I'm super depressed. The winters here are so terrible. I'm sorry your Dad is going home, but maybe if he goes back in the winter, he'll realize how much the cold weather sucks and move back to New Orleans.

  3. It's tough not to latch onto a warm, welcoming body when you've been "good" or deprived for a while. Sometimes it's just something you need to do to put things back into perspective and make it so that sex (or the lack thereof) isn't the only think you're thinking about.

  4. Nothing wrong with the south is there? Glad to see your proud of being a southerner. Like Hipstercrite said the winters are much better down there.

  5. i hope you are having a great new year...hope that you and the cop continue to develop...beyond just the physical comforts. smiles. louisiana is a great place...visited there quiet often on biz before.

  6. I always think it's harder for the person staying than the person moving away to say goodbye.

    Happy New Year.

    can't wait to hear more about The Cop.

  7. yea i'm also looking to get laid as well.

    and i feel you on your dad moving situation. him moving in probably helped you in a few different ways. and now it's time for him to go back out and do him, and he's leaving you to "do you". so just embrace the new freedom it's bringing.